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Welcome to the Town of Haverstraw web site!

The Town Board and I hope that the information provided to you will assist you and inform you about Town Government and the services that we render and also discover the opportunities and amenities that the Town of Haverstraw offers to our residents.

Our website will keep you updated on the many recreational and cultural activities that have been scheduled.

I am proud to be the Supervisor of the Town of Haverstraw. Haverstraw is rich in its history, its culture and its people. It is a great place to live and learn. Our future is bright and there are many things happening in Haverstraw which include the County Waterfront Park, development of a town park in the unincorporated area, youth and senior activities and much more.

Please feel free to contact me at the Haverstraw Town Hall with any questions or comments you may have. 845-429-2200 or fax 845-429-4701.




Howard T. Phillips Jr.

Town of Haverstraw



Dear Friends and Residents:
We have had an opportunity over the last year to see many changes throughout Rockland
County and within our hometown. For Haverstraw, the greatest challenges have been to bring in new ratables and tax revenue to help each taxing jurisdiction within our Town boundaries. But just as importantly it has been critical to review every expenditure and capital project to ensure that we are obtaining the maximum potential at the minimum cost.

I would like to list some of the accomplishments and objectives that I believe are
representative of my administration, Town Board and government:

· For the second year in a row, the New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s fiscal
stress test has rated the Town of Haverstraw better than any other Town in Rockland
County and one of the best in New York State.

· The Town budget remains under the Governor’s Two Percent tax cap which this year is
1.56%. I would like to thank all of our elected officials and department heads as well as
our employees for doing so much with so much less to achieve this goal.

· The Town of Haverstraw was able to secure twenty five acres of prime real estate located
at the Helen Hayes Hospital for future development of recreational facilities and fields
for our residents. We would like to thank Governor Cuomo, Senator Larkin and
Assemblyman Zebrowski for their efforts in helping us acquire this property at no cost to

· Through both state and federal grants we were able to construct a jetty and we will start
construction on a pier on the Hudson River side of Bowline Point Park at no cost to our
local taxpayers.

· The Town has been able to secure over $600,000 in grants for the following projects
throughout the Town for 2015. These include resurfacing of several Town roads, the cost
of the design and plans for the construction of recreational fields, and the construction of
a dog park at no cost to the local taxpayer.

· The Town finalized an outstanding Tax Certiorari case with NRG, Inc., thus removing
the threat of a major lawsuit that NRG filed against the Town and each taxing jurisdiction.
The good news is that Bowline’s assessment can no longer hurt the taxpayers of
Haverstraw. The bad news is that since deregulation, this plant has been devalued to a
fraction of what it once was. We are now on our fifth owner of these power plants since

· The Town was able to receive over $700,000 from FEMA and SEMO for the repairs
from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. We have now restored Bowline to prestorm
conditions and have improved the seawall ten-fold to what was once there.

· The Town secured a grant for $500,000 to help offset the cost of remediation of buildings
at Letchworth Village. We were the only Town in Rockland County to receive one of
these Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) grants.

· The Town of Haverstraw received $57,000 in law enforcement grants to purchase
equipment and computers at the Town of Haverstraw Police Station. To date, we have
secured over $350,000 in seizure funds.

· The Town of Haverstraw is very proud to once again be in possession of the Civil War
95th Regiment Flag. The Town of Haverstraw has restored the flag base and it is now on
display in our large meeting room at Town Hall. This flag was flown with soldiers from
Haverstraw at the Battle of Gettysburg.

 We enjoyed an extremely active year with our recreational and Town events. Let me
name just some of them:

o The North Rockland Community 5K Fun Run

o Our Annual Fourth of July Fireworks

o Thursday Night Open Air Concerts

o Three different Dancing Under the Stars events

o Our Annual Volunteer Recognition Night for Volunteer Firefighters and
Ambulance members

o 13th Annual Cruisin’ For Kids Car Show

o 2nd Annual Bricktown Challenge Triathlon/Duathlon

o 4th Annual United Latin Festival and Parade

o 1st Annual River Arts Festival

o 5th Annual Town of Haverstraw Hudson Valley Radio Control Club Air Show

o 8th Annual 90+ Recognition Day

o 60th Anniversary of the Town of Haverstraw Senior Citizen program

o Our Youth Board attended Broadway plays, concerts, museums and sporting

o Annual North Rockland Police Youth Academy

o Annual North Rockland Youth Explorers program

o The sixth year of the Town of Haverstraw Youth Court

o Assisted with the Helen Hayes Hospital 10K Classic Race

o Annual Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Watchfire

o Memorial and Veteran’s Day Services

o Assisted Rockland County Marine Corps for their annual 9/11 Ceremony at Town

o 1st Annual Town of Haverstraw Shredding and Electronics Recycling Day in
partnership with ARC of Rockland

The Town Board members and myself have also been pursuing the redevelopment of the land at Letchworth Village. We have sat down with Legoland who is interested in constructing a theme park for children ages 2-12. We will continue to meet with their representatives but will keep the door open for any other proposals to develop this property.

The Miniscieongo Shopping center in Mt. Ivy/Pomona which was approved by the Town
Planning Board over two years ago had lawsuits filed against it by the Village of Pomona and business owners who are located on Rt. 202 across from this site. To date, two of the seven lawsuits have been thrown out and we are waiting for the other ones to be decided. We will continue to work with the Villages of Haverstraw, West Haverstraw and Pomona to entice businesses to come into our community and strengthen our tax base. We will continue to work with Rockland Economic Development Corporation (REDC) and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to attract more businesses into our community.

As we enter the New Year, it is important to note that we are only one year away from the Town of Haverstraw’s 400th Anniversary of the naming of Haverstraw and the 350th Anniversary of being declared a municipality. We are extremely proud of our history and the accomplishments that have been achieved by the people that have lived in our community. Haverstraw has been the gateway for every immigrant group of people that have come to the shores of America. We are planning to have a magnificent celebration in honor of our extraordinary history which began before the birth of our country and continues on through the work and achievements of our citizens.

God Bless our country and especially those who serve our nation in the armed forces, law enforcement and volunteer services. May we never forget their sacrifices.




                                                                                    Howard T. Phillips, Jr.